Release notes for RCode

4.2.1 04/2022

  • Added RCode now fully supports Python with scripts, packages, environment, history, console and graph/list/data viewers.
  • Added RCode now uses Language Servers for R and Python, greatly improving auto-completion.
  • Added Romanian language is now available.
  • Added A first time wizard to ask for main working language and telemetry opt-in.
  • Changed Terminals now open in the current project folder.
  • Changed History pane: Updated formatting for elapsed time.
  • Fixed Fixed a bottleneck issue when using git in projects with a lot of files.
  • Fixed .cfg files can now be edited in RCode
  • Fixed Fixed a very rare crash when modifying a file outside RCode while RCode is opened.

4.1.1 07/2021

  • Added When loading huge data in dataviewer, you can choose between a pagined view or a full view
  • Improved Better string edition from environment
  • Improved Big data frames now loads way faster, and a loading progress is shown
  • Improved view() is now faster with big data
  • Fixed Error in R commands were not showing in red in the command history
  • Fixed In very rare case RCode could become unusable and unclosable
  • Fixed Editing very big strings could crash R
  • Fixed A rare race condition could not show some R outputs during startup
  • Fixed Functions like shell or reticulate package now correctly display their outputs
  • Fixed Better encoding with special characters
  • Fixed RCode can now fetch much bigger strings from R
  • Fixed A rare error when creating a new file could crash R
  • Fixed XSS in the dataviewer

4.1.0 01/2021

  • Improved This version brings a new Data Viewer which is more optimized and will be improved in future updates

4.0.0 09/2020

  • Improved This version completly remade how R is handled with huge performance boost. Big data tables displays more than 10 times faster.

3.1.1 01/2020

  • Added GUI Editor: Added a "Duplicate widget" feature
  • Added GUI Editor: Added icons in the "Add Widget" panel
  • Added Git support: Files in explorer are showing in green/yellow if added or modified
  • Changed Removed RDocumentation links
  • Fixed Sequencer: Steps which are outside the view when opening the file are moved into the viewport
  • Fixed Don't include .git folder when exporting to a PGM file
  • Fixed Fixed a bug when cancelling an open/save dialog
  • Fixed Lots of small other improvements, bug fixes and optimization

3.1.0 11/2019

  • New RCode window is now frameless with a custom title bar
  • Improved File explorer and projects list are moved to a new sidebar, which can be either on the left or right side
  • Improved Layout reworked: can hide/show toolbar and sidebar, also changed background colors
  • Improved Complete rework of the new file dialog
  • Improved New RCode icon
  • Improved Updated toolbar and file explorer icons (FA5)
  • Improved Can now manually check for updates and added a "Remind later" button
  • Improved R API: Removed all \S3 and \S4 method functions and all deprecated R functions. Updated RPGM API
  • Improved History panel: Comment lines in green color
  • Improved History panel: Added an effect for last/current command
  • Improved History panel: Added a button for going to the bottom
  • Improved History panel: Limit history entries to 300
  • Improved History panel: "0s" is displayed instead of "0.00s"
  • Changed Removed rpackages in favor of rdocumentation
  • Fixed Can edit LICENCE file
  • Fixed Lots of small other improvements, bug fixes and optimization

3.0.46 05/2019

  • Added Project search feature. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+F will open a panel for searching a text in a project
  • Added An option for changing the name of the output folder in the project settings
  • Added Cursor position is now memorized for all code editors
  • Improved CSS editor in project settings now fill all the vertical space
  • Fixed Fixed an XSS in project settings
  • Fixed Crash could occured when choosing R version if no R version installed

3.0.42 05/2019

  • Added Can remove a specific project from recent list with right click in the Projects panel
  • Fixed Bug when opening a nonexistent project folder

3.0.40 04/2019

  • Added Automatic proxy settings detection
  • Fixed Bug when a $ was in the path of the project